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Standard Bank Group
Article ICB Mining
21 October 2020

It Can Be

Standard Bank inspires hope with new brand positioning.

Standard Bank Mauritius has launched a new brand campaign with a fresh, bold and captivating brand positioning and slogan, that embodies where it sees its role in Mauritius today. 

The campaign’s objective is to inspire hope and reaffirm the bank’s commitment to help clients realise their African dreams. It reinforces Standard Bank Mauritius leadership position as the go-to financial partner for Africa’s growth opportunities and deliver the value proposition of connecting clients to the Standard Bank Group’s expertise and Africa’s growing markets and vast resources from the Mauritius International Financial Centre.

As Africa’s largest bank in terms of assets, we remain true to our purpose ‘Africa is our home, we drive her growth’. This refreshed brand positioning is about inspiring belief in Africa’s future while showcasing Standard Bank’s client-centric and inventive solutions.  It’s about being bold and innovative changemakers who are more curious, and more responsive. Today’s clients want more than just a service, they are looking for a brand that believes in them, inspires them, and walks with them – a brand that tells them that their hopes and dreams matter. We are pleased to announce our new brand promise: 'Finding New Ways To Make Dreams Possible' and  to unveil our new brand slogan, 'It Can Be', that underpins our brand promise.

‘It Can Be’ reflects how Standard Bank has evolved, and continues to evolve, in a way our clients expect, and it represents our positive attitude about Africa and the possibilities that exist on the continent.

Moreover, It Can Be shows that Standard Bank employees are courageous, innovative, authentic and bold in everything we do. 'It Can Be' is about hope and having the right attitude that says we work together as a team to find customised solutions to meet our client’s needs and aspirations.  We will continue to put our clients at the centre of everything we do, invest in new digital capabilities and new skills for our employees in line with the ‘It Can Be’ philosophy of finding new ways to make our client’s dreams possible.

With Standard Bank Mauritius, It Can Be.