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19 Oct 2022

Mauritius Business Conference 2022

Standard Bank hosted the Mauritius Business Conference 2022

Standard Bank Mauritius hosted a business conference on the theme Mauritius, The platform to Africa. The conference, held on 15 and 16 September 2022 at the Sugar Beach Resort, saw the participation of Group clients from South Africa, Africa Regions, Europe, Asia specially China and Mauritius.  

The aim of the Mauritius Business conference was to enable the Bank to showcase the benefits that Mauritius, as an International Financial Center, brings to the Standard Bank value proposition. Executives from top African companies, Mauritian policy makers and other key stakeholders were able to discuss investment opportunities and challenges on the continent and how Mauritius is a strategic trade, investment and financial hub for investment flows in Africa.

During the various presentations several key clients shared with the delegates their experiences, challenges and why they chose Mauritius as a gateway for their cross-border investment in Africa. During interactive question times, the business one on one meetings and the various networking events held over the two days, the delegates had an excellent opportunity to network, build relationships and also create business growth avenues.

During his address to the audience, Francois Gamet, Chief Executive, Standard Bank Mauritius set tone of the conference with an overview of Mauritius and its numerous benefits: “The perspective of this conference is to share the potential merits of Mauritius as a jurisdiction to serve Africa. Why do business in Mauritius? Mauritius with its credible track record has one of the best country ratings on the African continent.” Francois also took the delegates through the strong and competitive client value proposition of connecting corporates from the Mauritius International Financial Centre to Africa. He explained the seamless transaction capabilities through innovative solutions and platform and how the Bank creates value for corporate clients”. To conclude, Francois added “Our people are inspired and committed to provide solutions and experiences that matter and create value to our clients.”