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From processing cross-border securities trades, safekeeping clients' financial assets and servicing their portfolio, the role of the global custodian has expanded well above what it used to be in yesteryears. Standard Bank Mauritius Limited with its strategic alliance with the Bank of New York Mellon is a leading provider of an extensive and sophisticated range of custodial and investment related services, and is uniquely positioned to service local and foreign institutional investors globally.

Our well-established and broad range of services

  • Hub Solution - One contract and access to multiple markets through Standard (Bank Mauritius) Limited.
  • Wide coverage of 106 securities markets.
  • Clearing and settlement services in all listed assets.
  • Safekeeping of securities in segregated account structures.
  • Complete asset servicing solution such as Corporate actions management, Income Collection, Cash & FX Services, Repatriation, Proxy Voting, Tax Reclaims, Market Info, Reporting etc.
  • Depository Receipts (DRs) solutions regarding transaction and conversion.
  • Ability to settle with any brokers.
  • Enhanced client service desk.
  • Provision of state of the art on-line securities portal to clients for both view and transact.
  • Integrated client reporting with over 50 types of report available in standard industry formats (PDF, CSV, XLS etc)
  • Provision of in-house brokerage services through our South African trading desk.
  • Market research materials available through our South African research team.

Why talk to us?

  • Our technical expertise and continuous investment in technology ensures we remain at the cutting edge of service provision.
  • We offer a broad range of products and services, and work with our clients to develop innovative solutions that complement our core custodial offering.
  • We provide an integrated and holistic solution for our clients, providing access to unparalleled banking, securities and cash soltuions.
  • Our strategic alliance with the Bank of New York and our presence in sub-Saharan Africa enable us to provide custodial and securities services around the clock in more than 106 international markets.
  • As one of the leading providers of custodial services, Standard Bank’s key differentiator is our consultative approach to relationships, combined with executive management’s commitment to the custodial services business. This commitment is evidenced by the following:
    • Extensive experience and product offerings
    • Investments in technology platforms for custody and cash management services
    • Constant drive to enhance products or service levels
    • Leadership position in the market which empowers Standard Bank to drive and initiate market developments and issues in key African markets


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