Capital markets

Debt capital markets

Standard Bank has a proven track record in bringing emerging market issuers to international and domestic capital markets. Our expertise in structuring solutions customised to specific requirements means we are able to meet your needs.

We have an in-depth understanding of the legal, fiscal and regulatory frameworks as well as companies and securities laws in the emerging markets in which we operate.

We have the ability to structure notes in the form of Global and Eurobonds, High-yield bonds, Equity-linked and Convertible bonds as well as preference shares through public or private placements in local and/or international markets.

Equity capital markets

Standard Bank’s equity operations in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, the US and UK provide you with comprehensive company and market research, equities and derivatives trading and asset management.

Our knowledge and experience have put us in a position to take advantage of the increase in the size, liquidity and sophistication of the equity capital market in most emerging economies. With its in-depth understanding of investor behaviour, our team is able to execute and give advice on equities, equity-linked securities, structured equity and hybrids.



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