Sponsorships are an integral part of the Bank’s social responsibility and communication strategies. Sponsorships are essential in building our brand and creating relevance in the markets in which we operate by providing the right platform to engage with our stakeholders. The promotion of arts and culture has been one of the priorities of Standard Bank’s sponsorship strategy for several years. In line with our brand, our culture and our values, this strategy is characterised by consistency and continuity in artistic and cultural commitments.


Arts & Culture

Standard Bank has been recognised as a leading sponsor of the arts for many years. As a proud sponsor and active supporter of the arts for more than three decades, Standard Bank has made a significant contribution to the process of helping to mould a unique cultural identity for the African continent.

The ultimate aim of our arts sponsorship programme is to nurture and promote the development of both the visual and performing arts on the conitnent, encouraging engagement and social interaction. Reflecting this objective, the programme embraces diverse initiatives with a strong focus on jazz as well as the visual arts.


Over the past years, Standard Bank Mauritius has sponsored various initiatives in Arts & Culture namely: 

Artist-in-residence - A program of artist-in-residence in the field of visual arts.  Renowned artists were invited for a time and space away from their usual environment to reflect research and produce an exhibition inspired from Mauritius’ life and culture. Artists as Jerome Zonder, Barthelemy Toguo, Firoz Ghanty and Jacques Desire Wong So participated in this program.


Trait d’Union - The Bank also supported the Institut Français in cross-cultural exchanges through a series of conferences with prestigious guests speaking on several insightful cultural themes. Amongst others, Jean-Christophe Victor, Etienne Klein, Jean-Pierre Luminet and Charles Rojzman responded positively to the Trait d’Union initiative and enabled Mauritians at large to benefit from their knowledge and expert views.    


Standard Bank & IFM Jazz Series – ‘Blues dan Jazz’ - The Bank is regarded in the music industry as the leading supporter of jazz, having made a major contribution in providing this formerly neglected genre with a needed boost through annual showcases, music development programmes and workshops. In Mauritius, the Bank has been the title sponsor of the ‘Blues dan Jazz’ – Standard Bank & IFM Jazz Series for a couple of years. 



Standard Bank is a proud sponsor of leading and innovative sporting initiatives. Over the years, our contribution to the development of sporting programmes within the growing markets that we operate in has significantly helped elevate the role of sports in Africa's growth story.

Our 155 years of experience has allowed us to use our expertise and knowledge of the continent and share it with communities. We believe that our greatest contribution is to share what we've learned as we tell our story of how we see Africa moving forward.

In Mauritius, the sport initiatives we have supported are Cycling, Mauritius Golf Open and the Indian Ocean Triathlon and recently the Royal Raid which is the first trail run of Mauritius.



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