Below you will find a list of our Board of Directors and our Executive Committee for Standard Bank Mauritius


Non-Executive Directors
Jean Michel Louis Rivalland

B.Sc. Actuarial Science & Statistics (SA), F.I.A. (UK), F.A.S.S.A.
Appointed: 2007

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Clive Robert Tasker

Clive Robert Tasker
BA LLB (SA); Advanced Management Programme (US).
Appointed: 2016

Independent Directors
Stephen Vincent Scali JD (USA), MA (UK), admitted to New York State Bar, non-practising solicitor of England and Wales
Appointed: 2011
Duncan James Westcott

B.Sc Economics (UK), F.C.A.
Appointed: 2012


Marie Desiree Jean Lim Kong

Marie Desiree Jean Lim Kong
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance (UK), C.A.
Appointed: 2016

Executive Directors
Lakshman Bheenick BA (Econ)
Michele Ah See

MA (ord), A.C.A 

Appointed: 2014


Board Audit Committee

  1. Duncan Westcott (Chairman)
  1. Stephen Scali
  1. Desiree Lim Kong


Board Risk Management/Conduct Review Committee

  1. Clive Tasker (Chairman)
  1. Duncan Westcott
  1. Lakshman Bheenick
  1. Francois Gamet


Board Credit Risk Committee

  1. Stephen Scali (Chairman)
  1. Duncan Westcott
  1. Lakshman Bheenick
  1. Francois Gamet
  1. Clive Tasker (member)



Lakshman Bheenick Chief Executive
Nathalie Pompon-Nemorin Chief Financial Officer
Michele Ah See Head: Risk and Compliance
Daniel Ng Tseung Head: Corporate Banking and Transactional Products and Services
Meenakshi Sandrasagren Head: Global Markets
Vikrant Bhalerao Head: Wealth and Investment
Robin Veerapen Head: Operations
Neekeea Ramen Head: Credit
Reshmee Kistnamah Head: Legal
Aelander Mootoosamy Head: Human Resources
Adjhmir Bhugaloo Chief Information Officer



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